To The Evolutionary Mind readers,

My name is Jeremy Hon and I am a recent graduate of the joint journalism program at the University of Toronto.  I have previously worked at VIBE 105.5, the Toronto Observer and also the East York Observer.

I pride myself on being an objective journalist whose main goal is to create awareness for my readers and to help inform the general public. My goal is to cover news that strays away from mainstream media, and to shine a light on stories that require the attention of the public.

I got exposed to objective, truthful and necessary journalism through my program coordinator, Jeffrey Dvorkin, who emphasized to all my colleagues (and myself) the importance in remaining true to journalism.

A journalist’s duty is not simply to make a living or to write for the sake of hitting a word count, it is to inform the general public of news that is timely, necessary, and objective. The goal of a journalist should always be to create awareness about a subject and to help inform their audience.

Time and time again I have seen mainstream media cover stories in a completely biased manner and even more so, neglect certain stories that don’t align to their agenda. With the advent of digital and social media, anyone can become a journalist and anyone can create ‘news.’ But the term ‘news’ has become so distorted these days. It has become a way to make money and news has devolved into whatever generates the most ‘likes’ or gets the most clicks.

My goal is not to become the next big ‘truther’ or some giant whistle-blower. More so, I am trying to showcase the other side of the same coin. I want to illustrate the extreme opposites of mainstream  media and true journalism. I am here to shine a light on the opposite ends of the same line.

My goal is to simply show the other side of the story that is often neglected or misrepresented and give my readers the chance to make their own informed decision. I do not want readers to blindly believe and follow what I write and report, but to research the things you see and to come up with your own ideas and beliefs.

I want you to listen to the CBC and read the Toronto Star, but also to read blogs such as these that are so diametrically different from mainstream media. And then you, being an informed reader and citizen, can align those two opposites together, to create your own unique opinion and decisions



Dustin Meyer

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