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Limits, just as fears are something that is created within our minds. Living with no limit is a lifestyle, not just a mindset.

We have to make a choice.

Creating Limits, Then Destroying them

With the ability to create them, they can also be destroyed. In everyday life we are going to try and find a way to set limits on ourselves. The issue is, with the power of the human mind, we can literally do anything that we set our minds to. Each of you have a hidden strength and ability to make your dreams an actual reality.

No matter what you decide to do, always make sure you are ready for anything. Being able to do that, you will find that life comes with no limits.

Everything is all about psychology, we do some things, simply because we think its the proper thing to do, yet we forget who we are. By doing so, we are automatically limiting ourselves with what we are doing.

Now is the best time to stop doing that, and continue to understand that limits are created and destroyed simply through the power of your mind.

Living with Limits

Limits are something which we will always give ourselves, but they are also something which doesn’t even have to be a part of life. Life is very short, and before you know it days, weeks, months, and years pass you by.

The problem is, we are made to believe that certain things are impossible, or unattainable. But that simply is not true. Giving ourselves limits, closes the door on living life to the fullest, and that is a huge problem.

Start something today, even if it is a thought process change.

Make everyday of life count, take the chances. Limits do not define who you are, and like I said, with limits, you create them for yourself, and you can destroy them as well. Today shouldn’t be the day for another excuse.

Today is the day to make a difference in your life and the lives of those that are around you.

Live with No Limit

Never give up on living, for you never will know where life will bring you. Always keep your vision, take the risks and reap the rewards. Living your dream life begins when you start living without limiting yourself. Fortunately, you have the ability to change all of it. It just takes one moment, one epiphany to realize that it always has been possible.

In the words of Adidas “Impossible is Nothing”.

As I say all of the time to you guys, I never will tell you there is an exact way of doing something; however, I will always tell you that no matter what the situation is, you can control it, as long as you believe in yourself.


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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


  1. Living with no limits can be a bad thing to certain people’s minds but in most portion I would say it’s actually a more positive and healthy way to achieve the abundance you want within whichever area, but it follows Law of Attraction in a sense, think about it…if you wake up everyday for a year doing the same routine, same things, only difference is maybe your working harder at things you need for success, but once your mind processes and keeps that same routine recorded downpat, then your mind will be alot harder to change to any different routine, cause fear falls in naturally and like a recorder whispering in your ear your mind creates fear saying..Hey stick with what works, don’t live differently, cause in the long run that will hurt you, yet truthfully in the long run letting go of 1 way of believing, or a pattern that has cycled within you in time….if you let those ways of thinking go then * your conquering fears in your own way, creating room for you to live how you believe you should, instead of living how our minds program once seeing something so much.
    * you feel exhilarated in a sense of self accomplishing which stimulates endorphins and produces motivation as well as other pleasure hormones.
    * It’s all how you choose to process but never let your brain go beyond recognition of that process, keep it open to new ventures, new people, new in general, by doing that your increasing what you want instead of being stagnant or stuck.

  2. Hey, this post of yours reminds me of ‘Law Of Attraction’ , i don’t know whether you believe in that law or not but i will be glad if you can come up with a post on that subject if you believe in it.

  3. I think limits in context are good. For example knowing your limits so you don’t burn yourself out is necessary. Remember that multitasking doesn’t mean exactly performing multiple functions at once. It means multiple functions spread out so that they seamlessly come together as one. But limiting yourself in the regard where you second guess your abilities are harmful.

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