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Something that will be talked about a lot this summer is the upcoming summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Aside from all of the hype of the actual games themselves, there has been a lot of controversy coming along with the games being back in Rio. With Brazil being one of the fastest growing nations in the world, you would not think that there is any drawback with hosting this big of an event. Where there are all of the benefits, hidden beneath what is seen to the eye there are some big problems going on.

Brazil having hosted the last FIFA world cup in 2014 also in Rio won the bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The country itself has seen one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In Brazil, however, there is a massive separation between the rich and the poor. Generally the success is due to the government lessening some of its ridiculously high taxes, and the ability to travel is much easier. Also, many companies are expanding to do business in Brazil. You have that side of the story, then you have the other. In Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro you have a situation with the rich and poor, which is getting much worse. You have people living in the favela’s (ghettos) barely able to afford schooling for their children. These favela’s also are host to some immense gang activity, and very little police presence.

All this giving the people a very skewed look on how the government is doing business. They are putting the needs of the few before the actual needs of a nation. In a country where more riots and protests have been happening more frequently regarding the government and the president herself, the actual facts need to be assessed. The problem becoming, why would the president and government choose to host two extremely big events, when there are many other things that need to be done before?

What I do find very interesting is how the world as a whole does not see the problem here. You have citizens in Brazil rioting and protesting in Brazil yet the world media isn’t covering it? Sure you have networks like Vice doing some sort of raw coverage on the ground, but eyes need to be opened. This could easily go as an example to the rest of the world, you really have to take care of your people, your citizens and taxpayers before doing something like this. Recently, as the Olympic torch was traveling through Brazil on its way to Rio, water was thrown on it and extinguished the flame. Where this might not seem like a huge ordeal, I’m sure it is just a small taste of what is to come.

What do you guys think about the situation in Brazil?

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