Is the Mind on our Side?

One of the things that we all can agree on is that our mind is a very mysterious object. I talked about before how we and our minds are constantly at a battle. However, now I am going to go into how our minds actually are our best friend.

I talk a lot about the capabilities of our minds, what they are truly capable of. Our minds carry this power that can even change our habits and thoughts overnight. They can create anything, and everything. But few are able to realize this. Our minds are for the most part, always on our side. The mind gives us our identity, and makes us an individual. Why is it that we can’t see how much our minds can and will help?knowledge-is-power1-300x228.png

That is simple; we truly are at battle with ourselves. But why do we have to be? We can make peace with our minds and unlock our potential. Just think, we all have a dream or a goal that we think is out of reach. We always can get it and accomplish and make our dreams come true. The saying “Put your mind to it” carries a lot of weight if you let it. Don’t doubt what you can do, that is the worst thing that you can do. If you can do something you will do something, most of the time that comes in time, but you will do it.

Everyone has a struggle for what we believe we are capable of. Something that I always can go back on is, if our minds weren’t extremely powerful, how can it create the things that it does? Rather than having faith in objects, have faith in your capabilities. If we believe, especially in our minds power, we can create a better version of ourselves. Not doing it for anyone but yourself. You can be the best you, if you put your mind to it, without a doubt it will be your friend.


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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


  1. The mind is often our biggest enemy – the subconscious whispering in our ear of all the things we cannot do. We have to overcome it.

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