Being your Self | Having Your Own Personality

For each individual, we each have our unique personality that no one else in this world has. We might find people who have very similar ones, but no one will ever have your exact personality. The thing is your personality is who makes you an individual. The issue is, too often we find ourselves being a follower rather than letting our personality help us be a leader.

Personality is beautiful.jpgWhy do we follow rather than lead? Sometimes we are just plain afraid of being different and being you. But it is much easier to follow than lead. Most people think that being a leader is a natural characteristic that we are born with, not that we can develop. Well, that is simply not true. Being the humans that we are, we can literally do almost anything. Our minds are so powerful that if we wanted to change the world, then we will do so.

Personality is also what gives us certain traits. We might have a huge combination of interests and things that make us unique, but that combination is what makes us individuals not just some bred being. What you may find that is most people struggle to find who they are their whole lives. Some may end up finding themselves at a young age, while others are always seeking it. What I believe is that each and every one of us, has the ability to figure out who we are no matter what the circumstances.

What defines our personalities? We do. No matter what life experiences may come, we will always adapt. As we age, so does our mentality. What is really up for question; is what does change about us, our personality, or our values? That I will discuss in a later article. But nonetheless, what really defines our personalities is essentially what experiences have we had. We might have had painful, joyous, humbling, or any type of experience that will truly change us as people.

In the end, it is about us being a person, an individual that has limitless potential as long as we find it within us. People will always struggle with this, but you don’t have to. You can make a change today, and feel great about who you are, and how amazing your personality is. Why would we want to fall into the category in which everyone else does? You have to realize that you are great, and then your greatness will follow tenfold.

“Personality Begins Where Comparison Ends” – Karl Lagerfeld

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Dustin Meyer

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  1. agreed on the point that most people may be afraid to be themselves and they rather choose a lighter way, that is following others. seeking your personality over and over does not mean you have not already found it in the process. as Buddhists say: there is no constant self. Being oneself is a process not a result 😉 we are always changing and developing and that’s who we are

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