Learning to Respect Others


Society seems to be transformed into a sense of losing respect, for ourselves and others. This covers many different aspects of life, and should be taken seriously. But still we find so many people losing it for themselves. It is most definitely the foundation of healthy relationships, both with others and with yourself. Why is respecting yourself and others so important? The answer lies in how you see perceive the concept. It is the driving force within any interaction we have with other humans and any other life form.

Peace and Respect.jpgRespecting ourselves is by far the most important aspect of this concept. When we don’t respect ourselves, essentially we are falling into the majority of society which does not. Today it is mostly defined in relationships with others, you can see how someone does not have respect for themselves through the things they put themselves thorough. People will be in toxic relationships because they don’t respect themselves, or simply don’t realize who they are. Clothes get smaller, nudity gets less intimate, and people stay in abusive relationships because they don’t have respect for their self. It all starts within our minds, and from there it takes discovering self worth to find that we have to appreciate the person we are, before we can truly show respect to the world.

When we talk about respect, others have to be involved in some way. Everyday we find ourselves in interactions with other people. I feel that in order to receive it you must show it, but if you don’t earn it from me then I won’t respect you. This absolutely does not always work, but it is a guideline which helps substantially. The average person spends more wake time at work than at home. Work is where being respected is a must, if it is not there, turnover is extremely high. Since the world thrives on human interactions, respect is something that should be a universal language, not a long lost manuscript which has barely been found.

We have to respect all life. Life is extremely precious, we cannot take that for granted. Humans might be “On the top of the food chain” but if we were one on one with a bangle tiger in the wild, what are we? Everything deserves to be respected; every aspect of life, from the smallest single cell organisms to the biggest of fish in the sea. Everything has a purpose, and without each and every thing on it, there would be no us.

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