Making the Right Decision | Tips for Your Child

All parents are obsessed with protecting their children. Single parents on the other hand have double that fear. You never know where the line is. This is one of the most difficult kinds of decisions you have to make.

Where will they learn to make the right decision? You of course.

Obviously your job is having them safe and aware of danger, but you can’t be a helicopter. First, because it’s impossible. And second, because it wouldn’t be good for them either. They have to learn how to make the right decisions by themselves.

Easier Said Than Done! Right? Well, in my opinion, here we have one of those situations where we should look for some information that might be useful for us. Online professionals, educational blogs, even teachers, the school, maybe to talk about it with other parents. Agree to a kind of “deal” with the other parents can be good to establish “group” guidance, for example. Then you’re not facing this alone.

In our mind all of the worries and stress end up being a mess and you can’t see clearly. Get outside of your bubble and look for some help. There are plenty of awesome professionals willing to share their knowledge. Nowadays, nothing easier than finding information about anything (Thank the Internet!).

Then you can learn how to show them how to make the right decision they have to make carefully and in which situations they have to act one way or another. It’s not like you have to be a gorilla behind them all the time. If they know how to face struggles, they have half the marathon ran. It’s one of the best pieces of wisdom you can transmit to them. Because they will be much safer, always, just for being able to do things right.

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