Purging Toxic Relationships (3 Min Read)

Purging Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are the one thing we will always come in contact with in life. With this, you have to know when to start purging these out of your life, in order to continue your forward progression. If you are anything like me, I’ve seen my fair share of friends come and go. It is definitely one of those things however, where you have to learn when its time to cut people off.

Relationships can be anything, family, friends, co-workers, intimate relationships, you name it.

The thing is, when we are in the moment, it is one of the most difficult things to understand that some people don’t deserve to be in your life. There will be those people who doubt you, put you down, or just simply aren’t good for you at all. You will find that especially in your “friend” circle. There have been people that I’ve grown up with, and have been friends with for years, which I let out of my life because my vision is greater.

Toxic relationships need to be Handled

Like I said, with experience you start to have a shorter fuse when it comes to letting people in and out of your life. One of the things that it comes down to is reliability, can you actually rely on these people? If the answer is no, then they have to go. Being able to rely on someone when you are in need is one of the most crucial thing in any relationship. Your friends, family, and significant other needs to be there when you need them. That is where many of these fail.

If you sit back and think, you will see how many people have come and gone. Family and even the people you never thought would go anywhere. I’ve had “best friends” just fall off the face of the earth when it wasn’t convenient for them to contact me. How is that fair? Being appreciated is another huge part of any relationship. You have to be appreciated, and if you aren’t it has to go.

Never let anyone Hold you Back

Life is too short to be held back in any way. Dreams don’t get accomplished when you have to worry about toxic relationships. Never let go of your dreams, and don’t let anyone hold you back. In the end, you have yourself, and when you set your mind to something, anything, you can accomplish all that you wish. Believe in yourself, and know that the circle might have to be smaller than you want.

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  1. Very true. Sometimes its hard to purge. Some of us love hard – be it friends, family and rship etc and give many chances – get hurt but when its over its over.

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