Racism is Alive | The Spawn of the Racist Media

Racism is alive and well. The foundation of racism stems through many thousands of years, throughout the entire world. A concept which in the modern era, is thought of as taboo, however, its still around.

If society itself is looking to progress, why do we still have this. This idea now doesn’t have the same meaning as it used to. Now if you are racist it could be towards ethnicity’s, gender, sexuality, or even religion. This could be prejudice, or racist.

“Lives Matter” Do they Really?

Why is racism alive? Better yet, have we even progressed? Not even just here in the US, but around the world. We are in a time where people are more connected than ever, yet society as a whole is still letting things happen the way they are. In the US especially as of lately, we are seeing so many things talking about “Black Lives Matter” “Blue Lives Matter” “All Lives Matter” etc. Why does this have to be this way. When a white cop, or white person, shoots a black person, there is an uproar. The issue being, why does just this cause an uproar? Why can’t we be united and see that there is much more of an issue here.

Racist Media

The media is giving such a skewed view on what is going on, we actually lose sight of what is really going on. We have so much more violence happening in the world, yet the dollar signs are what drives the upper portion to relay the information that manipulates the unknowing.

I am definitely not saying everything you see is false, but when you can turn on the news a headline is “White man Shoots and Kills Unarmed Black Male” the headline alone is “Click bait”. However when the tables are turned you get “College Student allegedly rapes unconscious woman” which sounds more harsh?

We are being fed so many different things that it is almost like we are being driven to being racist. I was raised with no sense of color. I don’t see color, or differences. What I have learned is that I see knowledge and ignorance. Both of which can come from any person of any race or color. Why do we continue to feed the fire that is going on? Yes, the separation of power is getting bigger (Rich to poor) around the world.

Facts Trump Racism

The big thing that has to been seen are the facts. Facts and knowledge is the only way to break away from ignorance. Racism is all about ignorance. You can see that in this election. Even the media states how candidates are trying to get the Black vote, or the Latin vote, or Immigrant vote. Why?

Everything is pointing to us being skewed to think a certain way. Especially for me, I can’t understand it. I know I will always be stereotyped in some sort of way, since I already have so often. Unfortunately for those who stereotype me, I am nothing like the stereotype that is given for my particular race, color etc. Racism is alive, but it is not in my household.

I never will understand, yet I know I will always be the way I am. Worldly.

Let me know your thoughts on this whole concept in the comments! I look forward to the discussion!


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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


  1. Interesting post!

    I was raised with no sense of color. I don’t see color, or differences

    I think in some ways this just adds to the issue. POCs see the ‘not seeing color’ as a cop out and in essence, a false statement used by people who want to absolve themselves. It implies that everything other than white is merely a color; that it isn’t the ‘norm’. Realistically, we all see color. We can see if a person is black. We can see if a person is white. What matters is how one treats all of these people. People are allowed to see color, but not allowed to treat someone in discriminatory manner because of their color.

    I agree that the media don’t always help, although, credit to them, in the past few years they’ve at least begun to highlight some of the injustice faced by POCs every day. It feels like racism is on the rise, but actually how often we hear about it is what’s increased. It’s always been alive and it probably always will be in some form or another.

  2. We have to fight racism and inequality! It is the imperative. Primitive tribal responses are not compatible with modern civilisation.

  3. Well said ! I very much admire your style of writing. You have a quality I find lacking in most individuals. You can agree to did-agree without sinking to personal insults and vial comments. I enjoy a spirited debate. I’m fact, Being proven wrong about something is not an insult to me in the least. I grow from the experience. I respond to facts. You provide such. Everyone is has a wright to their own opinion, not their own facts, revision of history or know laws of the universe. My hat is off to you, sir. Peace, Marshall

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