The Root of Unhappiness

Unhappiness is, I think, primarily the absence of happiness. It’s a void we try to fill in our lives and in our minds, a black hole that sucks at us until we think it is consuming everything about us.

Being unhappy is deeply frustrating. Some people don’t even know the source of their feeling, just that it is there. The longer it goes on the tighter our orbit around that black hole becomes – the more time we spend thinking about it, the more it consumes us. We know something is wrong, but we can’t pull away from the spiraling thought processes driving us.

What frustrates so many of us is that we¬†don’t know how to get what we want. Lonely people don’t know how to make connections. Busy people don’t know how to get free time. People trapped in jobs they hate can’t see how to get a new one. People with ideas don’t know how to get people to listen to them. It applies to just about anything.

We can see what we want out of the day, or the week, or the year, or even our entire lives – but we can’t see how to get there. I think this is the primary source of frustration and ultimately of unhappiness. What’s worse, other people seem to be getting what we want and we still can’t see the path, much less walk it.

This post doesn’t answer a question. I don’t know how to find that path.

I just know that it’s there.

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