Secret Societies: A Good Thing?

One thing that is talked about so much is Secret Societies. Some of these include: The Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderburger’s etc. But why is it something that is so talked about? Essentially, at least in the modern context these are used for things that we cannot explain. You will hear mostly about the Illuminati, but all of the other ones are talked about to.

People often think of these secret societies as groups that are violent and are using their power to influence the governments of the world. What I don’t understand is why these people are giving these groups such a bad name, without putting in the research. One popular instance is associating many famous individuals with being a part of the Illuminati. As if they sold their soul to the devil for fame and fortune. The thing is, again, somehow this ties in with religion.

The society that we live in was basically forged into the beliefs of Christianity, and throughout history religion has continuously been against science, philosophy, and logic. Historically, the Illuminati were a group of men who were enlightened, the name itself means “The Enlightened Ones”. The negative connotation came with the church being against anything that was not the “word of god” and persecuted everyone who was a non-believer.

What I can’t wrap my head around is that this connotation that was pre-set hundreds of years ago, is now associated with devil worshiping, and the only explanation for people getting fame and fortune. If a group of people want to go and exchange thoughts, and viewpoints on things of the world, that is their business, not those to judge them. Freemasons are no exception. The world needs more people like these to truly Enlighten the masses, maybe that will rid the world of idiocy.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


    • I know what you mean, but the thing is to think about if it is something is actually affecting us, or is it something created to kind of sway our minds away from something else.

      Historically, the Illuminati were a group of individuals who discussed scientific ideas, not radical people that wanted to take over the world. Most of them were scientists, writers, philosophers, etc.

      Its scary if we make it be I suppose.

      Thanks for the comment as always!

    • The thing with that, is are they really? When you think about it, there will always be some sort of conspiracy behind successful people.

      Historically, any “secret society” were created to be different from the norm, to share ideas which the general public were not enlightened enough to know.

      Personally, its just something to talk about. I don’t feel that there is any threat, just keeps us looking one way instead of the other if that makes sense.

      Thank you for the comment! Definitely love engaging with you guys about these things!

  1. Gnostics both Judaic & Christian are interesting secret societies that have had a big ripple effect on the world.

  2. Great post. I stumbled across the illuminati and the bloodlines of the elite a few years ago. I was honestly curious and began to read up on the occult and other various orders. I do believe there are forces who devil worship and sacrifice for different reasons. I do also believe in God the creator of heaven and earth. I personally haven’t come across the good in these societies other than the Masons, but that doesn’t mean the good doesn’t exist. I think having these open discussions are the only way to break up some of the stigma about these organizations.

    • I definitely agree, as a whole people have this notion that groups such as the Masons and Illuminati are horrible devil worshiping groups, without doing research of course.

      In the end we won’t really have an answer, but we can always help generate the awareness, and not being naive and assuming things.

      Thank you for reading, I definitely hope to talk again!

  3. It is good to read another view, while certainly not the most popular view of the masses. People fear the unknown, and from that fear unbelievable stories are generated to answer their fears.

    The majority of “secret societies are created for men and/or women whom share a common belief or desire to protect certain knowledge. Others offer private benefits exclusive to their organization. One such society is so private, you cannot search for information regarding its existence. However, they share a common goal to benefit and improve the lives of all humanity. Although many are intellectuals and well-heeled, many of their members are not. However, the society as a whole assists those with less attain success.

    Enjoyed your spin on secret societies, good to see another view separate from what the fearful spin.


    • Thank you very much, my goal is to express the view that is unpopular. What I feel is that people focus too much on what they are fed through the mainstream, and less on the facts. Where some may indeed be bad, without research they all are perceived to be so.

      Thank you again for the read! Hope to hear from you again!

  4. Good post. It’s nice to hear an alternative viewpoint on this. Since the 80s these things have been demonsied by guys selling books. I’m very skeptical about the motives of certain secret societies like the Bildeburgers, Skull and Bones, but I dont have any first hand knowledge that there’s anything sinister involved in those. Just a lot of hearsay across the internet. What scares me more than the secret societies is the power of the internet to present conjecture as fact to a whole new generations of people. It’s a picle. Ont he one hadn I’m against the internet being censored or government controlled. On the other, people like David Icke are doing a lot of damage to impressionable young minds(and old minds for that matter!).
    As another commenter mentioned I find the gnostics and mystery schools an interesting area.
    As for the Freemasons, I’ve had a little window on that thanks to a family member, and it just seems to be a bunch of old blokes in a club to have a few beers and raise money for chairty. Sure that doesn’t preclude the possibility that there’s shenanigans at a higher level, but all I can tell you is I’vee never seen any sign of it the many times I’ve been along to their dos. They even took me in and showed me around the chamber where they did the ceremonies. A lot of biblical (see William Blake, great arcitecht) references. I just have never got a sinister vibe about them at all and believe me, at one time or another I am someone who has been incredibly skeptical about such things. It wouldn’t take a lot for me to have run with something. But there was just nothing to run with. So I’m not sold on all of that. I have even wondered if some people I hear berating them are people who were denied entry, black-balled or whatever. Again, I don’t have evidence, just a small window in on it and saying what my impression of it is.
    Anyway it was nice to hear an alternative viewpoint on this particular area.
    I think the important thing to take away from it is that just because it’s a secret society, doesn’t mean there’s a sinister angle.

    • Thank you very much, where there are still going to be skeptic viewpoints and many questions, in the end we will not necessarily know for 1 if they even exist. But we can try and find actual information, or just rely on like you said people looking for book sales. Freemasons most certainly are very biblical based, and still having so many levels of their heirarchy, we don’t know everything still. They aren’t Secret Societies for nothing right?

      These topics I enjoy writing about and discussing much more than others, it just sucks finding how many people actually do no looking into things, or are living through the fear that they have been fed. Open mind is a good concept to go by when it comes to topics such as this one, thankfully you have one and a few others I have met as well!

      Thank you for the read! If you would like more, and get some exclusive content, be sure to subscribe!

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