Seeing Life Through My Eyes | A Journey Through the Mind

Have a perspective on the world is something that seems to be enlightening. The thing is, no one can seeing life through my eyes, or your eyes. We see things in a way that is unique to us. The view that we have may change throughout time, but it is through your eyes. The mind sees through each of our eyes differently. How will that be perceived?

Seeing Life

For me, I have changed a lot over the last few years. Most of us have gone through similar mind state changes. In fact it is healthy to do so. We as humans have the ability to adapt and change in order for us to advance ourselves. Advancing ourselves is the most important thing we can do, whether it is reading, learning, blogging, writing etc. We must do certain things in order to accommodate for the changes within us.

Through my eyes is something that doesn’t have to be taken literally. It is seeing life through my eyes, your eyes, and everyone’s eyes. In a sense it brings upon peace within ourselves and more respect for those around us. If you take a moment and realize, that you see things differently than anyone, or even if you see things different than you used to, you are living the change and embracing it. Good, bad, and everything in between affects how we see through our eyes. We are each unique and we all have that amazing ability to adapt to anything that comes our way.

Being Yourself

Be different; pride yourself in your outlook on life. Like I’ve said over and over, time is the most precious resource that we have. Being different is the only way to be you. There is always a preconceived way that society makes you think you should be, don’t be that person, be you.

There is no step by step guide for these things, self motivation is something you can read about over and over, but you have to implement it into your life, out of your own desire to grow. Be enticed into the world of thought, that is where your mind truly opens, and sometimes you realize how you seeing life through your own eyes.



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Dustin Meyer

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