Why Self Esteem Shouldn’t Be Ignored

One of the biggest things that people face in life is low self esteem. Unfortunately we are living in a world where there are so many different “norms” in which people give themselves the expectations to meet. Being a person who is self conscious most definitely, I wanted to touch on the topic which plagues so many people throughout the world. Lets begin today’s journey.

With the advances in modern medicine, so many different things are available right at our fingertips.

What is Self Esteem?

Self esteem, generally is caused by the emotional ties to one’s physical appearance of someone. In fact by definition it is: Confidence in one’s own worth, or abilities. This is really something that can be caused by a variety of things. Yes, we live in a world where there are more judgmental people (sheep) than there are people who are genuine. The physical appearance of someone can greatly impact how someone feels about themselves when they look in the mirror.

When you look at yourself, the first thing you will see are your flaws. With those flaws we bring ourselves down, especially psychologically. But there is always a fix for physical “flaws”. Then there is going to be the mentality of “If it can be fixed, why not fix it”. There are two sides to that story. If you really have very low physical self esteem, there is always a way to enhance your appearance to your standards. On the other hand, that also gives you the idea of modeling what you see as beautiful or handsome, after someone else’s interpretation.

My girlfriend and I had this discussion. She has always been very confident in her body, except 1 part. She brought it up to me, asking what I thought about it (enhancement) and I wholeheartedly was on board, because it would make her feel better about herself.

You see,

This gives you the ability to see yourself as beautiful, rather than always being down on yourself. Yes, she asked because she wanted to know what I thought, but she was going to do it either way and I couldn’t be more proud of her taking that step.

Why Self Esteem Shouldn’t Be Ignored

There is a huge misunderstanding about what Self Esteem is. But the thing is, we can’t just ignore it all together. Self Esteem for us is sort of a mental battle. If we have low Self Esteem, you can see it as a mental illness, simply because it clouds who you are as a person.

Essentially, we aren’t ignoring it, we are just humans. Comparisons will be that one thing that always puts us down no matter what we do, and the sad part is nearly all of us face self esteem problems throughout our lives. No matter what the issue is, you have to address it.

Mentally, seeing yourself the way you have always wished you were, gives you the boost that you just might need.

Countless people get into these holes just because they aren’t putting there best foot forward and letting themselves shine, because they aren’t confident about it. If you want to lose weight, there’s an option for you. If you wish you had a full head of hair, again another option. No matter what it is that you don’t feel the best on, there will be that one thing that you can do. Regardless of that thing, you might just be surprised on how you would look at yourself.

You have always been that beautiful (handsome) person, you just had to see for yourself to believe it.

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