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Life is short, why do so many people always take everything so seriously? Whether or not we are doing business, or just enjoying our lives we have to learn to take life less seriously. Yes, I can easily say I am a huge culprit of this, but that’s why through so much personal experience, I want to spread the joy to you guys. Why so serious?

How Our Mindsets Evolve

Whether we are working through some tough times, or trying to advance our careers, we have to take life in stride and never let anything affect us more than it should. With this site, I want to convey many different messages to you (the readers) and give you a big insight on life. We only have a certain amount of time on this earth, and the last thing that we should do is be so serious that we forget why we are doing what we do. If you write, you cannot let your writing become another job, do the things you are passionate about.

Never let anything get you off your game for too long, personally I can take a lot, but some things just put me out of it. It does not happen often, but me like you is human. I always try to do the best I can for my readers, and sometimes I forget about just being less serious about things. Granted, I do a lot, but I cannot let anything get in the way of me doing what I am passionate about and that without a doubt is inspiring and helping motivate you.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


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