Site Updates | The Future of The Evolutionary Mind | Plus I’m for Hire?!

So I know this is a bit late, but here’s some things that you can look forward to moving forward with The Evolutionary Mind.

Content that I’m Working on:

  • A HUGE Post about Relationships
  • Changes to the Youtube Channel, including a new series called “The Motivational Minute”. This is a series which is going to cover tons of topics regarding Motivation, Inspiration, Life, and much more. I’m going to film these more Vlog style, that way the words aren’t just words, they stick.
  • Updates to Every Post that has been published (And is popular) which will be a task, but I want to ensure that everything that is published gets the attention that you guys deserve. Plus, if it is something that you liked, i’m sure that you would want it to be even bigger and better!

There are so many things that I’m working on, two other websites as well, and working towards being a Copywriter Full-Time, which is definitely the biggest thing that I’m working toward.

So if you are wanting someone to do some guest posting, with a fairly decent following. Or want someone to help create content for your site, let me know. Plus I’m also doing Marketing through Social Media etc.

Thanks everyone for reading as always!



Dustin Meyer

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