3 Keys for Smart Goal Setting

Lets face it,

We always hear about goal setting when it comes to success.

The hardest thing to do is figure out what would be considered smart goal setting. Fortunately, it is one of those things that is much easier than you might think.

But what if I were to tell you, that you could implement 3 things into your life today, that will ultimately help you in goal setting for your future. Sounds a bit far fetched eh?

Well, lets get to it.

Making Small Goals and a End Goal

So it might seem like it is a bit overwhelming to just jump right into the process of setting smart goals. But the thing is, when it comes to smart goal setting, you have to be prepared. So the biggest thing you can do, is make sure you set a number of smaller goals, and 1 overall much larger goal in order to have a benchmark.

Small goals give you something that is very attainable. For instance, you might be looking to make 5 new sales for a product in which you average 8 per month. Yes, it might be an easy goal to reach, but it still gives you the psychological boost that you need in business and in life.

Also, given that small goals are very easy to accomplish, you can set a number of small goals, which in turn lead to your overall goal. This gives you the constant reminder that “Yeah, I can do this”.

Write all of your goals on a paper, and start from there.Writing down goals for goal setting

Having your larger, end goal is a must. 

Normally you wouldn’t want to “shoot for the stars” but oftentimes you are limiting yourself by doing so. A book called the 10x Rule gives an amazing example of this. It states, that in order to fulfill the 10x rule, you have your goal (For instance your smaller goals) then you multiply it by 10. Basically if you wanted to sell those 5 products that month, multiply it by 10 to sell 50.

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This not only gives you the extra motivation to push harder, but it doesn’t limit yourself. That’s huge when it comes to being successful, limiting yourself. Goal setting is no different. Like in the book the author suffered because the goals weren’t high enough. So giving yourself that extra push, you remove that cap, and unlock your true potential.

Make your Goals Attainable

It is one thing to have a small goal that you are going to hit, it is another to have all your goals be attainable. The premise behind goal setting is not to just give you a step by step way to do things correctly, but to show that it isn’t just about the goal, it is about you. You have to believe that you can accomplish a goal. That is the first thing you should do when you embark on the journey.

Personal goal setting is a huge deal. But few realize that it does indeed start with you.

Lets just say something that you think is attainable is selling the 5 products, but why wouldn’t the 50 be attainable? It takes just as much work to sell the 5 than it does 50, so why stop? Goal setting is all about psychology with yourself. You have to know that something you want is within reach.

If you go around saying that you can only do this much, or that this number is too high, yes it is too high. Why? Because you deemed it to be. Rather going into a situation saying, oh that will be easy to get. Or I can do that no problem. See the difference.

Set yourself up for success, regardless you won’t find anything that tells you how things work for you. You have to put in the time and research.

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Goal Setting is about Hard Work and Time Management

Hard work is the root of everything in the realm of success. Goal setting is no different. If you are looking to set a goal, you have to put in the work. Hard work pays off, and your goals will not ever come to fruition unless you work for them.

Too often I am seeing people who have these big dreams and goals, and refuse to put any effort towards them. This is a key in itself, put in the work.Smart Goal Setting and Hard work

No matter which way you are looking at it, hard work is the answer. For inst
ance, I am working on launching a brand new clothing brand, and working myself like crazy getting prepared for doing so. I spend countless nights not only working on the clothing brand, but this site as well. Managing my time is huge. If I cannot allocate certain hours to doing or accomplishing certain things, I can’t hit my goals.

The same goes for you.

Implementing Smart Goal Setting

This is probably the most tricky thing you can do, but with some thought it can be done. That is big, to think. Knowing that a step by step guide to setting smart goals is probably impossible, but knowing the right keys that you can use to unlock it; now that is the real winner here.

How do you set or plan goals?

What process do you use that differs?

How are you going to implement these keys?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hard work, perseverance, clear objectives – much effort. My objectives are to write as well as I can on what I like. When I have exhausted my writing I will look at marketing objectives.

  2. Hmmm…I agree with making small and attainable yet smart goal. For me goal shouldn’t be so stressful but instead should motivate and inspire us.

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