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The world definitely has many different aspects as far as its health is concerned. The state of the world right now is in very rough shape. There might be some good things going on economically for a few nations, however, even with the economy flourishing, you will find that even with the current status, the world is crumbling down. Not just physically, but with humanity as well.

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As far as economics, the world for the most part is doing okay. However, with success for the majority, there are many places that are struggling worse than ever. Civil wars, and government upheaval have crashed many of the major markets in the world. Where we might be blind by the success of our countries, there are many (such as Greece, Brazil, Venezuela, etc.) who are having issues so bad, we cannot even imagine what it is like to live somewhere that economically unstable. Venezuela for example; normal household goods and even clothes are market up so extremely high (sometimes even over 100% higher than normal) and a gallon of gasoline costs a mere fraction of what it is in the US and most of the world. Government has a lot to do with the issue, as well as civil war between government and rebels, still that is horrible to live in.

Terrorism is something that will be talked about a lot for the next few months. With an election coming up, it is a big point of debate. Around the world we are finding it much more common to be attacked. Unfortunately the group responsible is giving a bad image to a certain group of people (Which by no means is a reflection of an entire ethnic group). In the middle east, there are still horrible wars going on just over religious beliefs. Loss of life is nothing to just turn away from. No matter what, we are one race, the human race. The countless people who are radical in their beliefs do not take any of that in consideration. Terrorism, generally has given us a skewed sense of culture. We are influence by what we see on major news networks, and less influenced by facts. Something has to change in that sense.

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As a country, the US is facing arguable one of the worst presidential elections in history. We are being given two people as front runners, who are simply not fit for the job. One which does not have any political experience, and feeds off ignorance (Only has a few billion to his name). The other skewing her own beliefs in order to try and win a popular vote (even if it makes her look ridiculous). With so many things in need of a change why are we looking to these people? As a country, the majority of people lose sight of facts (again) and are easily influence by people and the hype behind them. The philosophy that everything you see on TV or the internet is true, skews the ideology of normal “Americans.” Simply put, too many people are followers not leaders. We have to stand together, and do whats right for people as a whole not just for what is being said.

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