The American Dream is Dead | Why the USA Lies to its Citizens

The American Dream is Dead

To say the American Dream is Dead couldn’t be more true. The American people as a whole are ignorant. They grow up believing that there is a perfect lifestyle in which they will get once they get older and “pay their dues”. Unfortunately this is very far from wrong, the system is corrupt and is against anyone who thinks this way. Simply put, there is no American dream.

What many fail to realize, is the extend how our country has evolved. Yes, we have been going through many ups and downs. But at what time did the American Dream become a false reality? For us, as millennials, it will be nearly impossible for millions to retire by 60. Why?

What is the American Dream?

What is it? The American Dream, at least as I knew it was where you would live an ideal life, work a 9-5 job, have a house with a white picket fence, a yard, car, and a dog. More in a modern sense, it is getting rich and famous, owning a huge house, fancy car, having all the fanciest clothes and things. This is why it had been dying but not why it is dead. People are greedy, they want more and more, and forget to appreciate the simple life they have. Some people don’t even have their lives anymore, and yet so many people take theirs for granted.

Student Loans May just have Caused the Death

Pop culture can be given much of the credit due to the skewing of the American dream. Since the people are influenced by anything and everything, they will believe any message conveyed to them. Music and film are the main mediums where this is, but a huge culprit is the news and daytime television. Also, unfortunately people are losing their individualism, which is leading to them falling more into this hole in which you cannot escape, you just aren’t you anymore once you’ve given in.

One of the biggest examples I can give you is simply the average student loan debt.

Did you know? The Average Graduating Student Loan Debt for Underclassman is $37,172 in 2016 up 6% From last year.

Oh and if that wasn’t painful enough in total Americans Owe $1.7 Trillion dollars in student loan debt alone.

Pretty daunting right?

This is one of the many small indicators that are working against us. The big notion is to go to college get a degree and find a good job. Unfortunately, even finding a job with a degree is hard. Lets say you do get that good job, that pays say $40,000 a year. Even at that, you are paying more than likely 7-11% Interest on your student loans, plus living expenses, and any attempt to save might be out of the question period.

The odds definitely aren’t in our favor from there. In a system which is driven by money, even $40,000 a year (which isn’t a lot in retrospect) won’t get us that house with the tire swing and a dog, less even a retirement plan.

The Gap Between Rich and Poor

But a big question is why do I say it is dead? Well, the system in general is against us. The gap between rich and poor is expanding exponentially each and every day. The odds are not in the average person’s favor. People are working until they are 60+ years old and barely being able to retire, and with that work, most aren’t in executive type jobs. For the small business owner, you have huge corporations that are destroying your chances to even provide for your family. So why is it dead? Opening you eyes will show you.

Lets put this one in Perspective for a second.

The wealthiest individuals in the US have a median net worth of $650,000 where the Middle Class has $98,000 and the lower class has $9,000 of total net worth (According to PewResearchCenter).

This staggering amount not only puts it into perspective, it is extremely shocking. Oh and did I mention this gap has been growing? The gap between the Upper and Middle classes has been growing at around 6% per year, leaving that shock to our system, even in more shock.

So given this HUGE gap that is growing even further, again the odds of the average Joe achieving the american dream, are extremely unlikely.

Reviving the American Dream for the People

Is there really an answer to this?

Well, the biggest thing we have to think about is trying to break through the trend. Yes, we can settle for that 9-5 $40,000 a year job, or we can open a business and pursue our dream. Small businesses are a very risky thing of course, but what if that meant truly living your american dream?

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Big government is always the first go to cop out when it comes to changes. But in the end, yes they can do however many policy changes, but even if there was a policy change, or a law put into effect, what are you doing to take advantage of that? Yes there will always be a sort of fear, but in the end we are given one life. We have to life the way we want, and most importantly revive the American Dream which has been so promised, and so real for people coming into the USA. Why not stand by our word, and live up to the name The Land of Opportunity.

People have to stand up, to realize that something is wrong. With this election (being quite possibly the worst election/selection of candidates’ ever.) we have to fight for the people. No matter who is in office no one will ever fight for you, unless you do. The people are for the people, we have a choice to change. The change must happen!



Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


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  2. I haven’t even finished reading your post, but had to send a message because I was writing about the same thing. The other half of that picture is where they can’t see that they’re going in a circle, not up.

  3. Honestly, I don’t want to be rich, but I wish I could work and just freakin’ make it. Instead of living at home.
    But hey, we can’t get anywhere without straining ourselves.

    • Straining ourselves and working for what we want are two different things. No one is to say you can’t work and just make it. The big key is to find what you like and enjoy and stick to it. There is always a way to make money doing the things that you love.

      • How can I possibly make a living through drawing and writing, two things that I believe, when I have to put extra effort into being noticed? And being older? After HS without a uni degree is difficult

        • Well, there isn’t an age limit to doing the things that you love. Being on here alone has the ability to open doors you otherwise wouldn’t have found. With creative skills such as drawing and writing, there will always be a demand for it. You, like all of us, have your own unique way of conveying a message, whether its through your writing, or drawing. The big thing here is, you have to really put in the effort if you want to truly stand out. Personally, I started The Evolutionary Mind as a way to express the ideas I have, but to a larger forum. Shortly after I started (Late February) I realized, I truly can build something huge. Granted, by no means am I the biggest site out there, but being that I’ve done this for only 7 Months now, and I can say I am actually making some sort of income from this, is awesome.

          It all comes down to drive, if you are driven to make things happen, things will happen. Networking is also a huge key in this game, if you meet the right people, doors will open.

          Never give up, going into something new with a mindset setting yourself up for failure, failure is easier. I cannot stress enough how being in the right frame of mind is the make or break point in life.

          Regardless of the things that you do, always do those things because you love them, not because you have to. If you want to make a living, or at least start earning some sort of income, still do it because you love them (and want to take it to the next level).

          Hopefully this helps some, definitely keep your head up high and things will happen. Sometimes just asking the right person for advice, or even the right questions always helps.



          • Hard to stay positive when you’re not caught up to the finest, critical of minds, and when people tell you that pursuing business and marketing is where the money is.

            I feel like professional level is far from me. Or maybe I just have trouble finding success

          • Maybe the big thing is comparisons? It seems like you’re comparing yourself to others and their abilities rather than focusing on the development of your own. Yes, if you think about it there will always be someone better. But why think about that?

            Business and marketing are crucial don’t get me wrong, but personally I changed majors in college quite a few times, going from Civil Engineering, to Finance, to Supervision and Management. Now, I have found school has given me more knowledge, but the knowledge I would have learned elsewhere anyway.

            Success is a very loaded word, success for me may mean something completely different than what it means for you. That being said, self doubt is something big in not only self motivation, but the development of skills. How do you think the people got to a professional level? Practice. There is a reason why they say practice makes perfect. If you look at my writing and editing style from 6 months ago (although I have re-edited pretty much every post) I am lightyears away from where I was. Now am I a professional? Not at all, but in time, practice does make perfect.

            The big thing I would like you to take away from any of my reads (Which I definitely encourage you to read some of the self motivation topics) is that in the end, you are defining what your success is. Comparing yourself is not going to get you anywhere. Like I said before, you just have to do it for the love of it. Passions and careers can join very nicely, but in order for any of that to actually happen, you have to believe in yourself. Knowing that, and knowing you have the ability to do anything you set your mind to, is the key that unlocks many different doors.


          • Speak of the devil Dustin,

            Few days ago, I was reading a newspaper and along with job resources, there was a page about “ways that job seekers psyche themselves out”. Few reasons were exactly what you said: “Think certain jobs are beneath them” and “Compare themselves to others”.

          • Well there you go!

            It definitely takes seeing it or hearing it more than once for us to psychologically understand whats being said, and hey it makes sense right?

            Glad you are on the journey to find your way, never give up!

  4. Fortunately I grew up in the America that thrived on dreams, new ideas and the integrity of personal responsibility. And nothing is ever easy but I found joy in the challenges, walls and seeming failures that simply were newly disguised dreams. Thanks for reading my blog!

    • Most definitely, easy is not fun, I agree that challenges are indeed joyous. No problem at all!

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you again!

  5. Welcome to Virtual Vitamins. I am honored by your follow. As far as the “American Dream” is concerned, I’m not sure I ever had it, since I was born and raised in Japan (though of American missionary parents). However, since my children and grandchildren are in the US, it is a subject of great interest. I would say that your observation that greed has been a killer of the dream is very accurate, but even more than that, the sense of entitlement has been fatal. No one is actually owed anything, regardless of what many people think. We are differently gifted, but we are all responsible to apply the gifts we have been given. Add to that the high level of political corruption, and you arrive at the mess we have today. May God have mercy on the USA!

    • I could not agree more regarding the sense of entitlement. For my generation (millenials) we are one the fence when it comes to that, you will have a huge amount that have that sense of entitlement, and others that don’t. I feel as the next generation (possibly your grandkids, I know I have younger brothers many years younger than me) has that flaw. It sucks to see it happening, but hopefully as time goes on things will change. Political corruption is getting worse indeed, but that is a whole other topic.

      We are gifted, we just have to understand that we are gifted in that way, not all ways. I’m sure you’ve thought of that as well, mainly playing on our strengths rather than thinking we are superhuman (which I do all the time).

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again!


  6. Interesting post!

    I must say the way The American Dream is defined differs much from the way it was presented by my family. Owning a bit of property and enjoying the fruit of one’s labor was and is a great dream of many immigrants, not to be denied one’s ownership because of caste, ethnicity, or religion (e.g. the Penal Laws of Ireland). To pursue one’s happiness, whether it involved material, spiritual or political goals – that was the dream of my parents and grandparents that they called the American Dream.

    You are absolutely right that the twisted version of The American Dream came from pop culture. The picket fence, the big house, the dog? That was a dream defined by advertising, built on people’s fear and envy. The newest definition (still defined by advertisers) is traveling globally, owning the latest technology, and avoiding boredom – even if it means distracting oneself constantly and never giving oneself a moment for self-reflection. It’s amazing how often I see people espousing a “simple living” lifestyle and rejecting “materialism”; however, they’re also buying a lifestyle and signaling their superiority based on exterior trappings.

    • Definitely good points that you have. The thing that I always mention is how things definitely used to be different. I’m sure your parents version of the dream was a possiblity and a reality for many people. The problem in this era is everything is skewed one way or another. We are fed so many different things, and unfortunately the majority of the population just follows the crowd.

      Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you again!

  7. I’m writing to let you know the American Dream is alive and well. Flourishing, in fact. Sure there are greedy people, as there have been throughout history, but here in America they don’t take over the government and take all of our possessions and enslave us.
    Sure, there’s a national debate, and arguments from many sides and a heated election.
    But here in America, every side has a voice. Every man and woman from every class and distinction has a right to an opinion and a Constitution to defend their right to express it. Much like you and I are doing now.
    In a world that has had an Arian Nation, a Third Reich, Holocausts and genocides, it is only a lack of historical perspective that would lead anyone to believe the American Dream is anything less than a beacon to the world.
    Look at the Olympic games and you will see the glorious rainbow of the American Dream. Athletes of every color and denomination representing a Nation that is proud of achievement. Regardless of the colors of their skins or their religious beliefs or political leanings, that Red, White and Blue looks beautiful on all of them.
    The Founders of our country and her many heroes since did not spend all of their time and energy talking about what may or may not be lacking from our beloved country.
    They stood up and did something to make it better.
    I don’t disagree with your observations. People can be like sheep, and will follow false prophets.
    We can’t always move others as we desire.
    It is up to each of us to determine how high we will set the bar for ourselves.

    Best of fortune,


  8. It is up to each individual. The success of protests by ancestors has created privilege for current spoiled civilians. Some of us don’t even know or realize the power of a protest and see it as a taboo. I could go on but in short, I agree with you. Thanks for sharing and stopping by

    • Definitely! Its interesting to see how people just fall in line with where they are led. Good thing there are a few of us actually realizing who we are and what we are capable of!

      Again thank you for reading! Look forward to hearing from you again!

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