How to Be an Example | The Best Gift for Your Children

There’s a fine line between educating and overprotecting your children. Sometimes, we forget what’s really important for them to learn.

Being humble, thankful and respectful should be our main targets when raising our children.

And the first step is to be an example for them.

Give the gift of the tools for life, not with tons of toys or games for keeping them quiet. Take advantage of the situations they go through to make them see the big picture.

There are plenty of games focused on teaching you how to keep calm, to understand other points of view, other cultures and just overall keeping a level head. They let you realize how to face troubles, to get over problems without panicking.

Boldness and respectfulness is taught. They absorb what they see in you. We used to think that they don’t notice our feelings and thoughts, but they totally do, and imitate you. If you get easily upset, criticize or don’t accomplish your promises, they will do the same.

Sometimes, I think I’m doing a great performance of a happy mom, and my daughter stares at me and says “mommy are you sad?” At that moment, I feel embarrassed and proud all at once. Children can always tell if something is wrong, so you can’t try and hide it from them.

Personally, bedtime stories are very useful to me. You can make up any tale you want and they will perfectly remember it every single time.

Games as images and cards can be so good too. I encourage you to have a look and find some, there’s plenty of blogs and sites spreading this kind of material for free. It will help you be an example, and ensure your little one see’s you in the right sense.

They won’t remember the toys you buy, but how you taught them to be strong and honest.

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