The Importance of Imagination

As we grow up, we forget to utilize one of our greatest gifts; imagination!

Glorious Imagination

Imagination has brought me so much joy in life. Even as a young adult, I have an overactive imagination. I have no trouble creating a world of my own and becoming part of it. Unfortunately this may not be the case for most people.

Enjoying imagination


Most people see imagination only as imagining about ideas that are odd or out of the box. They think of a child playing in a world of their own creation, but imagination is spread across so much more.

Imagination could be a book idea, an idea for some sort of machine or a new idea for the house. It could be designing a new garden in your mind or simply dreaming of your future. We create and recreate so many idea on a daily basis and do not realize we are using our imagination.

Our Current State of Mind

As grown ups we easily become so involved in everyday routine and we forget actually utilize our imaginations. The other day my little brother, only 7 years old, said a very saddening thing to me; he said “I don’t think I have imagination”. This shocked me! He had injected this idea directly into my mind and I started analyzing what he had said. I thought of how the younger generation are so exposed to TV, and cellphones, and how this has severely damaged their minds. It seems my generation was part of the ‘play outside’ generation and slightly part of the ‘watching TV’ generation.

I try to engage my little brother’s imagination as much as I possibly can. Imagination has done so much for me in life and, with my passion for reading, I have lived many lives and experienced things beyond our lonely earth. I am truly grateful for my imagination and I only wish for the younger generations to rediscover their imagination and nourish it.

Never stop dreaming and never stop imagining.



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Dustin Meyer

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  1. THANKS FOR SHARING: I am so much in agreement with the importance of imagination. One of my favorite quotes is by the late author and speaker Stephen Covey; “Develop your imagination – you can use it to create in your mind what you hope to create in your life.”

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