The Key To Politics

Politics are something that especially at this time, people use very often. But it is used loosely for the most part due to the negative connotation that comes along with the word. But what are they exactly? Why is there a negative connotation associated with it? Well, for as long as there have been settlements and organizations there always have been politics, and quite simply there always will be.

The big thing is overcoming them. Politics can happen anywhere, at school, at work, in sports teams, in any type of organization there will always be politics. You are an individual; essentially it comes from something called Groupthink. Groupthink means basically that in a group people will sway towards a similar style of thinking. We unfortunately see this way too often in society. People will always start thinking similarly when they are a part of large groups. You have to realize that you think the way you do, not the way anyone else does. We have to combat politics with intelligence, which is the only way to make any sort of progress.

Why do people associate politics with only the government? The government is huge, we all know this. No matter what part of the world you live in, government has a huge role in political discussions in your country. Since they are so big, that is the easiest way to associate politics with big government, which is what we hear about in the media. Unfortunately, we hear more negative than positive; which leads to why we associate anything political with being bad. No all politics are bad, just since the majority of the world’s governments have some sort of corruption; it is almost second nature to have that bad connotation.

It can happen anywhere, big or small organization. They can be good as well; it opens the table for new ideas and ways of conducting business. You don’t always have to look at it with that negative connotation. If you approach politics with an open mind and heart, you will see that they aren’t always about the government, they are about you.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.

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