The Moonlight Guide

Moonlight, something which we take for granted more often than not. Not only does it give us the light during the darkest of the night, it acts as a soothing factor for many of us. During the night is where I get most of my work done, so me and the moon have become close acquaintances. The night gives me that time to think, to reflect on everything that has been happening in our life, and even the world.

Not only is everything quiet, the normal world is asleep. Normality is thrown out of the window, people who push against the grain come out to play. The art world lights up, the streets are quiet and lit. The night has given me the time where I can start to center myself and find out who I am, where I am headed in life.

There is just something about the night, which I cannot get over. Work gets done, and distractions leave, nothing is left to do but get ahead of the competition.

For those of you who know or don’t know, I am somewhat of a workaholic. Generally, I am always working and getting things done, to be ahead of the game. This generally will happen at night. But lately that has evaded me, I’ve fallen into a rut. My drive has dwindled, but it hasn’t gone away. I know what has to be done, but that wall is kicking back. The night will always be there to let me figure things out, and get back on the right track. Even when I cannot express how I’m feeling, I can write, but the passion isn’t there.

The moonlight shows the path that needs to be taken, even when everything else is asleep, there is the one thing which will always be there to show me where I need to go.

My moonlight guides me when the dark times are upon me, but it is up to me to actually make things happen. Regardless, moonlight is going to be there for the good and the bad.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.

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