The Reality about Friendship

Friendship is one of those things that we yearn in life.

We are always looking for the interaction and the intimate relationship with other humans. But what we aren’t taught is how friendship can make us feel.

On one hand, friendship makes us feel safe and good about ourselves, and on the other it can make us feel angry and alone.

Personally through my endevours in life, I’ve saw many “friends” come and go over the years. Even down to people that I’ve always known and grown up with, just vanish. The thing about that is that regardless, you are left with yourself. Luckily, it isn’t just me. But as far as friends outside of my relationship, there are very few (if any at this point).

Having Friends

But having friends is one of those things where you just want to know that someone is there, and has your back through anything. Then the reality of friendship is that if you find a person like that, you are very lucky. Friends come and go more than you would think.

What I’ve found out recently, is that you might have some good friends, but even if you are trying to look out for them (I tried to get some friends on board for the clothing brand), they are hesitant. That leads to another thing, drive. I’m a extremely driven and ambitious person, and when I’ve needed help through the businesses, no friend is there, or at least serious about it.

Which leads to the next bit that it is very hard to find people that are exactly like you. So that is one thing to try and stop looking for. You know yourself better than anyone. Now, I’m not saying that it is impossible to find people to be friends with, like I said they come and go. So chances are more people will be introduced to you in your lifetime, you just don’t always know when and how.

Friendship Advice

What I want to give to you guys is a bit of advice about friendship. Yes, you will want to have friends and people to experience things with, but that doesn’t mean they are good for your life. I’ve cut off many people from my life, because they are toxic and don’t have the same mindset. Yes, that leaves me without many close people, but it also gives me control over the outcome of things.

You don’t need to rely on people, you have to understand that you have the ability to make things happen. Yes, it is much harder, but not impossible. The journey might be harder, but in the end the destination will be that much more sweet.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


  1. One key aspect of this passage I agreed with is surrounding yourself with like minded people. Everyone says they’re driven, but once the road gets tough, you’ll see whose truely dedicated. You have to treat friends as catching up to you as oppose to you slowing down for them.

    Because once you slow down, you start to comprise. So if they are not bent on catching up, you have to leave them behind. Think of it like a race. If you’re in 5th place, your focus should be getting to first. If you’re worried about your friend in 6th, you don’t realize 7th and 8th are lurking. So run your race, they have to want to win just as much as you.

  2. I think if we expect our friends to be part of the practical or financial aspects of our work, we’re bound to get disappointed and hurt. Friends are not for that; friends are companions— people to see us through, whom we trust. But maybe we all differ on how we see “seeing us through.” It’s a matter of expectations.

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