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Our world has so many hidden secrets just below the surface of normality. There is literally a culture, that lies within our own, yet we don’t see it. What is this about? What does the underground society represent in our world? In an age where everything is regulated, controlled, and watched, we have so many things that we just don’t know is happening. Take a look inside a society that abides by no laws, yet flourishes in a world where regulation is king.

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We have so many different laws regulating trade, controlled substances, and even gambling. However, beneath the surface we have so much money being exchanged and those controlled substances, clearly uncontrolled. This can in a sense tie back in the times of prohibition, where alcohol was illegal for a period of time in the US. In that time, we had those strict regulations, yet there were still speakeasies and bootleggers running alcohol and evading the police. The same happens today, yet it isn’t alcohol that the buyer is after, it is the money.

Drugs and guns have been a huge market in the underground society for many years. Lets say we talk about the 60s and 70s, when drugs (specifically cocaine) were in a huge demand. You have a time that is iconic in history, yet it was ran without abiding by the laws and regulations. Now something really big is weapons. There are many documentaries covering the illegal arms trade in the US. Gangs and normal people alike are looking to these dealers for a weapon to do a crime, without having to purchase it legally. Some even are smuggled in. Singapore is a huge place where they create gun blanks (which are perfect replicas with no serial number) that are untraceable. The dealers alone are prepared to kill for the money, not even considering the clients intentions.

Money is the only motivator in most of these activities. Where you have a multi billion dollar underground industry, which doesn’t abide by the regular laws, things are bound to happen. What is probably more concerning than not is the fact that no matter what we do, these things will always happen. If there is a governing body somewhere, especially here in the US, there will be people who don’t agree, and don’t follow societies standards. Oh and the massive amount of money that is involved doesn’t necessarily help.

One of the biggest culprits to having this underground black market is the massive difference between the rich and poor. Many of the nations that are considered 1st world have this increasing gap, which aides to the increasing levels of crimes and murder. Among these you will find The United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, and even France. Drug abuse is increasing to previous highs once again, and how do the users get their money? Illegal activities. There is a black market for anything and everything, even for food and gasoline in some places. Government put in place sanctions and regulations which create the demand.

With so many things happening in the world, a major realization has to happen; otherwise we will continue watching the rich get more rich and the poor get poorer. The underground society will always prevail in this system, unless something is done to the system.

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