What Inspires Me?

What Inspires Me?

I Was asked a while back “What inspires me” by Gabriela at Refined Look, and at first I was caught off guard. What really does inspire me? Its definitely a tricky question to ask, especially when its usually me that writes about how to keep yourself inspired and motivated. That question is something that I had to look deep inside in order to answer. It became very clear, and becomes more clear every day, so what inspires me? Well, you do.

Yes there are multiple things that I will accomplish through my various ventures in life, but the biggest thing that keeps me going is knowing that I have hundreds (even thousands) of people who have read, and will continue to read the pieces that I write. I’ve had an interesting life, and definitely have had my fair share of times where I felt down, unmotivated, and not inspired to do anything. Yet I’ve bounced back, and each time come back stronger and more determined than the time before.

My Motivation and Inspiration

Its through my experience I am able to share what really motivates and inspires me. Even if it comes down to helping only 1 person through all of my work, its worth it. Knowing that I helped that person get through a tough time, or get them back going towards their dreams, I accomplished my goal.

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, in me and in all of you. The thing that makes the biggest difference is what actually inspires you, and I. The answer will be different for every person that you ask, including me. There can be intrinsic rewards that inspires some to do what they do, and others like myself whom are doing it for a completely different reason.

You are My Inspiration

I do the things that I do because I know I have the ability to do many great things, although it wasn’t always that way. Knowing that I can at least change someone’s world as they know it, drives me more than anything. Like I said, even if it is just one person, its worth it. Everyday I get up, the same as you, and go about my day.

The difference is, by being someone who writes about motivation and inspiration, I have to approach things with such a positive outlook, and make sure I am motivated to help you today. Every day, that inspires me to do better, to learn more, to push harder and make things happen.

Regardless of the answer to the question, I’m inspired by you my readers. I know it might seem cliche but as I’m sure you will see when I actually interview coming up soon (should be within a few weeks)

Over time I will be asked a lot about what I am doing it and why. I don’t just write about these things, I live them, I do everything in my power that way I literally practice what I preach. If I didn’t do that, I would be just like any other “motivational” speaker or writer, but I’m not. Inspiration will come and go, its the product of the inspiration that will last a lifetime.

So what inspires me? You. Without you the reader I could not keep moving forward.

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