Who are You?

Who are you?

Throughout your life there might have been quite a few times where you just hit a wall (Not literally, hopefully at least). During those times are very indeed, times of reflection upon yourself, your choices, and life. However, oftentimes you will find yourself asking, who am I? Well, the answer is a very complicated one, yet simple at the same time. Lets take a quick journey into what goes on during those times, particularly with that question.

Experiences and trauma happen regardless of how you are living life. Everyday is a different experience in its own. When you really think of it, almost any person at some point in their life has wanted to go back in the past and change something. Whether it is a certain decision, how you acted, or even your actual mindset; there has always been that point where you reflect on that. As much as we don’t want to think that way it is going to happen. The only thing you really can do, is accept it. The past and those experiences and trauma are things that have shaped you into the person you are today. Without those, you would be completely different.

The Past Defines Who we Are

If you really think about it, you wouldn’t be where you are, or thinking how you do without the past. I on the other hand, am the same way. I really have tried to not think about the past (especially recently) yet it happens regardless. The only difference is, with myself, I look at the past in a sense where I have made it today. Things happen in a very mysterious way, and I’m definitely not complaining at all. Whether it has been years in the past or the more recent past, you literally change the way you think almost each and every day. Your core values alter very little, but even with events around the world, you change how you think and even your opinion on topics.

Which brings me to the next point, who are you? That is something you have to ask yourself from time to time. You may think you don’t know who you are, and if you ever have that answer, you have to find yourself again. Regardless of how we approach situations, we can lose ourselves fairly easily. Due to the nature that the human mind experiences so many strong feelings and emotions, that surely can alter how we think. In that case, you have to stick to your core values and what actually makes you happy. Happiness is a driving factor in determining how you think and act everyday. ┬áIf you are unhappy, chances are those are the same times you have the wrong answer to the question.

Always be Happy with Yourself

Being happy can come in many forms, including just plain being happy with yourself. Every outside emotion and feeling stems from within you, and if you aren’t happy with yourself, or know who you are; you have to find yourself. The past is always going to be there, but most of the time, it just doesn’t matter.

You are where you are in life, and you have to appreciate the present. The past will hold you back from that happiness, and hinder your future from seeing the happiness you deserve. Always be yourself, always be you. The past is the past for a reason, the present is a gift, and the future is tomorrow. Always set yourself up for success, be you, be strong and live life the way you see your future.


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