Why You Should Be Weird

Being weird isn’t what you think it might be. You just have to be yourself, natural and free. Individuality is something that is few and far between. We all try and fit into a preconceived image that is fed to us through different means, media, news, “reality tv” music, the list goes on and on. But why do we do that? Most people do not see how amazing being a unique individual is, there is no one else like you on this earth. 

Another note is, why do most people associate weird with a undesirable trait? If you think about it, no one is “normal” and if they are, they are boring as hell. You have to understand that you are perfect how you are. You do not have to put on a masquerade or try to be someone that you aren’t, you just have to be you. The freedom to express who you are truly helps, nothing will change that, not now, not ever. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be an individual. No matter what walk of life you are at, area of the world, age, gender etc. you have to be you.

The thing is, individuality is something that oftentimes is looked at as weird. You can express yourself, but that comes at the cost of being “judged” because you are different. Everyone has different ways they express themselves, you cannot look at someone else’s way in a negative light. The funny thing is, since it ties together so closely, how it is still looked at that way. No matter what your way of expression is, always make sure to stick to it and never give up on that form.

No one is better than YOU. You are the root of an amazing life in which you are living. Never let anyone tell you something besides what you know, you are amazing!

Now go out and be the weird self that you are!

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Dustin Meyer

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  1. I have a bumper sticker which I have been saving for over a decade now. It reads, “Normal People Worry Me”. I love being crazy and different…aka; myself. Thanx for this post. ren

    • Love that bumper sticker! Definitely always be yourself, no one can do it for you. In turn you will impact the world the most when you are you.

  2. Interestingly I feel that culturally ‘weird’ is now a desirable trait and sometimes I see people go out of their way to display such traits that aren’t necessarily true to them in their venture to be seen as unique or quirky. I celebrate unusual traits but hope that society doesn’t feel forced to try to stand out amongst the crowd just to be noticed. That is what your post made me think of anyway! I enjoyed it , great thought provoking post. Hope I am making sense as can be a little weird…

    • You definitely are, and thank you! Sometimes it does seem like people are just searching for attention. I feel you just have to be yourself, rather than try and be someone you think everyone else wants to see. In the end, you have you, and that is the best thing about you.

      We are individuals for a reason, which is what makes you great, sometimes people as a whole don’t see the big picture. Which is why I am spreading the thought 🙂

      Again thank you for reading!

    • Thank you very much!

      Glad you liked it! Be sure to check out our shop for some official merchandise and join us on Facebook and Instagram!

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