Yoga for Mindfulness | The Step by Step Guide to get Started

As we all know, Yoga in general has a very stereotypical stigma associated with it. We use Yoga and meditation for mindfulness very freely. Unfortunately there is a negative reputation that precedes.

For the most part, yoga has always been considered more of a “fad” than an actual form of exercise, much less a way of life. Unfortunately many are drawn away from Yoga just by what they have seen or heard.

What many don’t realize is the origin of yoga. Yes yoga for mindfulness can be one of those things you can just go to your local studio, but it actually started in Northern India, the Himalayas, and Asian Countries. Yoga has very strong roots in Buddhism, Hinduism and Asian Cultures. Historically, Yoga is said to have been around for thousands of years. The practice is supposed to give you more spiritual energy, center yourself, and become one with nature.

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Yoga Forms and Routines

Now that we have had a small understanding of the origins of yoga, lets dig deeper into how we can implement a simple yoga routine into daily life for being more mindful.

There are actual Dozens of different Forms of Yoga, here are a few of the most popular branches:

  • Hatha: This is your beginners style yoga, Hatha combines basic movements as well as breathing, to give you a stepping stone.
  • Vinyasa: This form gives you a strong and smooth flow from pose to pose, while also focusing on your breath.
  • Power: In this form you will find it to be much faster paced and intense. The big thing here is to build strength and muscle.
  • Bikram: Also known as “Hot Yoga” Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 intense Yoga Poses performed in a room with a high temperature.

With these in mind, you can already tell, There is definitely a Yoga Practice for you!Simple Yoga Mindfulness Practices

Yoga like stated above is hugely about centering yourself. There are so many different ways to actual implement yoga for mindfulness in your life. One of the biggest things you have to first do, is get over that original stigma of what you think yoga is about. From there you have to figure out what you want out of the practice.

Notice how I said practice, not workout or routine. Yoga is a very strong practice, which has more than its fair share of health benefits. The thing is, you don’t have to go anywhere to start. There are so many different resources that you can use, in order to apply it to your lifestyle. If you feel more comfortable at home doing it by yourself, or want the support of a studio, there is an option for you. Gaia is a wonderful place where you can find Free videos, Yoga Gear and even research tools. I definitely encourage you to check them out as well.

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Lets Talk about the Actual Health Benefits of Yoga

Health Benefits of Yoga

The common denominator that you will see in any publication is that Yoga has health benefits and a lot of them. Which is very true, of course if you maintain the practice for a length of time, but also by your mindset going into your practice as well. Here are a few Health Benefits you can expect from Yoga:

  • Increased Metabolism
  • Increased Circulatory and Cardiovascular Health and Performance (Due to Breathing Techniques etc.)
  • Better Muscle Tone
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Help you be less Prone to Injury

So the Health Benefits for Yoga are definitely real. The biggest thing that doesn’t show up on this list from WebMD is the massive spiritual benefit you gain from doing this. Yoga is a form of meditation. Whether you are looking for the actual health benefits of yoga or doing yoga for mindfulness, the benefit is real and it is waiting for you to jump and grab it.

Meditation and Yoga go hand in hand

Meditation by definition is literally a “definite focusing of one’s thoughts on something to understand it deeply”. Now, I’m sure most of you have heard about meditating and meditation, but I am going to show you how you can apply your newly found Yoga routine to meditating.

The funny thing is just by doing Yoga, you meditate without thinking you are. Exercise is a form of meditation. Yoga combines exercising and breath control, giving you the opportune time to find yourself in a clear state of mind. Doing Yoga historically is a form of meditation.meditation yoga and the benefits

There is no secret formula here, but what you have to make sure is that you are taking it seriously. Free your mind, focus on your breathing, and flow through your routine smoothly. First hand, yoga definitely gives me a huge moral boost, but it also clears my jumbled up mind, which in this chaotic world is a must.

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Unfortunately, there are some Common Misconceptions of Yoga

Misconception #1: Yoga is Easy! Let me be the first to tell you it is much harder than you would think. Me coming from a sports and athletic background, jumping into my Hatha Yoga routine was extremely hard. Once you realize that you really weren’t that flexible, it really hits you hard.

Misconception #2: Yoga is only for Women. Well being that I am not a woman, and I’m telling you Yoga is amazing kind of puts that one to rest. But on a serious note, there are so many men that would benefit (even stress wise) from doing yoga for mindfulness in the day to day grind. Even if you are an athlete, being less injury prone is a huge bonus. Fortunately, you will find that more men are getting into doing Yoga, I strongly encourage you to give it some thought and go for it. You will definitely thank me later!

Misconception #3: Yoga isn’t a Real Workout. Kind of tying into #1 Yoga definitely isn’t easy. It is not like your average weight lifting session at the gym. I’ve found that there are some muscles that I never knew I had, just after 1 session. Granted, if taken seriously you will be able to see the benefits much quicker than not, but compared to a hardcore Crossfit routine, it is much lower impact, in turn safer for your body (recovery wise, and building muscle).

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one of those things that you might just find is pretty easy. The overall idea of being mindful does not mean that you have to be a super exceptional person, just that you are one with yourself and your mind. Yoga would be considered an amazing mindfulness exercise that you can truly center yourself, and in  some cases find yourself. With the practice you focus largely on your breath.

Breathing is a natural motor skill (obviously).

But oftentimes we don’t focus on controlling our breath. Yoga gives you breath control, and really focuses on you. Once you can relax your body, meditation takes place.

Where can I take Yoga Classes?

Yoga classes are much more abundant now than they ever used to be. A simple search on Google will bring you a ton of results, in your area and around. But more than that like I said Gaia has a ton of resources, and FREE videos!

Everything is out there for you, it just takes a few clicks and maybe even a car ride and you will be on your way.

Yoga For Mindfulness what Do I have to Do?

With all being said, you just have to get up and do it. I can go on forever about how it will benefit you and give you the best results, but that means nothing without your commitment. Yes, I do Yoga for Mindfulness in my daily routine, and frankly I’m better because of it. Stress is a huge cause of health problems in this US (and the World) finding your outlet for Meditation and Stress control is a must.

Hey you might just have found the Right Thing for You! Find your inner Zen through Yoga for Mindfulness.

Do you do Yoga? If so what do you find Beneficial in your Life? If not, let me know why!




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  1. Nice insights about yoga for the beginner. You are right, it is not a fad but spiritual journey!!

    • Most definitely, I just know there’s a huge stigma about the practice, which is completely wrong. I want to express all of that for everyone who doesn’t know or is on the fence.

      Thank you for reading!

    • Honestly, for the beginner I would say Yoga. Pilates is slightly more intense honestly. With yoga, you can go through stepping stones to progress to a higher level. Both are great in my opinion but your best bet might be Yoga!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I love my yoga. Unfortunately I had to stop with my rotator cuff and bicep tenodesis surgeries back in July. My doctor feels I will be able to start again hopefully by mid January. I cannot reccomend any exercise more highly for men in their 50s and beyond. I miss it so at the current moment.

  3. Yoga has always been a great method to relax. I believe that dozens of positions could help soothe the mind and body. Also, I believe that including Yoga in your everyday activities will decrease the amount of stress in your everyday lifestyle. Additionally, yoga is certainly a form of exercise that could help form specific parts in your body. Yoga could also be seen as a form of warming up your body for before performing extreme activities. Yoga could be used as a stretching method to help you perform great in your hobbies or other activities. I would not mind joining a Yoga class at one of my local gyms.

  4. Yoga has always been a great method to relax. I believe that dozens of positions could help soothe the mind and body. Also, I believe that including Yoga in your everyday activities will decrease the amount of stress in your everyday lifestyle. Additionally, yoga is certainly a form of exercise that could help form specific parts in your body. Yoga could also be seen as a form of warming up your body for before performing extreme activities. Yoga could be used as a stretching method to help you perform great in your hobbies or other activities. I would not mind joining a Yoga class at one of my local gyms.

  5. Yoga has helped me so much with the above benefits that you mentioned. I have gotten out of practice recently but I hope to find classes here in Italy that will get me back in the routine. I also like how you emphasized that yoga is not only for women, I think men in particular are afraid to try it because it seems like something that is not a “manly” workout per se.

    • Indeed Yoga is definitely amazing for both genders. Personally, even playing sports my whole life and lifting weights etc, I would get bored of the same routine. Flexibility hasn’t been my strongest attribute, and because I’ve been doing Yoga for now just over a year, its night and day different.

      With exercising, it definitely comes down to how you do it, not how much of it. Especially with weights, but men want to be manly, nothing will change that!

      Thanks for reading!

  6. Beautiful website! Super organized and easy to read. I couldn’t find a follow button on here though! I’ll be checking in. Keep up the great work!

  7. I quite like aspects of yoga, however I seem to prefer Tai chi as a practice, alas it’s not easy to find classes for that, and It’s a bit tricky to teach yourself. I really should try again.

    • I’ve never really tried Tai Chi myself, but I’ve wanted to give that a go as well as Akido (I think I have the spelling right).

      Thanks for reading!

      • It’s like meditating on your feet. I’ve not tried Aikido either. I did do a karate course once, but they threw me without teaching me to land, and it winded me.
        My back hurt for weeks afterwards.

  8. Great article! I love yoga so much and I’m glad you are showing such positive aspects of it! It’s great for relaxing but also has an amazing culture behind it:)

  9. Hi Dustin, Nice post. I’ve practiced Iyengar yoga for 5+ years, which focuses on good alignment, strength and stability. It’s often used for medical purposes, physical healing and (in some cases) restorative needs as well. Glad that you point out that it’s not for women only.. nor is it for the ‘yoginis’ either; I love it because essentially it’s inclusive of old, young, skinny, weight-challenged et al.

  10. Hi Dustin, cool post very insightful and intriguing blog. Thanks also for stopping by and following my blog – much appreciated 🙂

  11. Great article! I started practicing yoga about a year ago and the benefits were almost immediate. I haven’t been as consistent in recent months, but plan to carve out more time daily for it. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the follow. 🙂

  12. Hi Dustin, thank you for dropping by my blog – gave me a chance to know about yours! I have been doing yoga since childhood (first as part of school curriculum and then as a hobby)… however with work and family pressures have not done it religiously for a while. Your post reminds of the good things I am missing out. It is about taking control on your breathing and isn’t that everything really? I am sick today with throat infection and mild fever – called up health services and the question they ask is if I am breathing normally. How our entire body is controlled by breathing – and imagine controlling that with yoga. You can control your life and how / when you die. I know someone very closely who lived and died like this and did yoga meticulously all their life! It’s truly amazing!

    • Thank you for reading as well! Its funny how things work right? Breathing is fundamental, and with that control its definitely empowering!

  13. Thanks for following! You’re blog seems very interesting, and this post was very helpful as I’m thinking about taking up yoga. I’ll definitely look further into your blog.

  14. People never believed me when I tried to tell them that Yoga is actually a very strenuous workout. When I was doing it for an hour a day, I was in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, I have fibromyalgia and it’s too strenuous for me now so I do Tai Chi.

  15. Always good to see detailed articles about this sort of thing. I personally use this to lower my blood pressure, among other things. It’s really so beneficial in so many ways!


    • Definitely agree, For me it is mainly a focus and centering, which helps in turn with my stress levels (Which vary considerably!). Thank you for reading!!

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