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We all have a voice. The thing is, not all of us realize that we actually have one. Finding your voice is one of the best things you can do for yourself for not just today, but your future.

Regardless of how things may go in life, your voice is the thing which gives you that individuality. In this world, we are plagued with people who just follow the leader, never to lead on their own. We all have the ability to create something out of nothing. Speaking up is that answer, without realizing the world can be changed by just that one thing.

Expressing your thoughts is what you have to do. There isn’t another choice. Our minds are the most complicated and complex thing in the world, understanding them definitely is a challenge. Expression is just your way of being able to actually convey your thoughts. Talk to people, do things, share your ideas. Everything that you do is a reflection of what you think. Simply thinking is the best thing to do in the situation that we are presented with.

Your voice gives you the ability to put all of that together. Thoughts, ideas, everything all in one place.

Without expressing yourself to others, what else is there to do. Look at any form of art, whether it be writing, music, drawing, or painting; the basis behind these are expression. Thoughts can be expressed the same way, the only difference is you have to physically speak. Silence me not is that kind of movement, a movement to promote showing that you indeed have a voice.

Speak out and express yourself.

Give yourself the opportunity to stand out, nothing truly beats being unique. Granted, standing out doesn’t have to be literally being an innovator (which sometimes it helps a lot), it means just being you. When you are being yourself nothing else should matter, because in the end you are being true to you. Those that are around you will feed off your energy, and from there growth will always be consistent. Giving yourself the chance, will make the biggest difference. Life isn’t the most fun and easy thing all of the time, but when you are making life count, that gives yourself the chance.

Success and dreams don’t just come with sitting back and letting everything happen around you. You have to make things happen. In the end, you are the driving force behind everything that you do in life. When you stop, it stops. The same goes for expression. Once you stop expressing, you start to lose yourself. Success is about making things happen, your voice is the one thing which you have in your arsenal which can truly make things happen.



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Dustin Meyer

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